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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brighton by the Sea, South Australia

Everyone has to live somewhere and have a home base. From here you can fly off to explore the world. My base is Adelaide (population ca 1.1 million), the capital city of South Australia, which is the State "down south and in the middle" of Australia.

The first colonists arrived from England in 1836 and established themselves at Holdfast Bay which is now a council district located in the southern part of the city. English place names abound. Adjacent to the suburb of Brighton is Hove, just like in Sussex, England. Brighton is one of the many Adelaide suburbs that front on to 30 km long sandy beach on the eastern shore of the Gulf St Vincent.

Visitors to Adelaide can reach these southern beaches by public transport combined with a little hiking. The Metro Noarlunga Line can get you to Brighton and Seacliff stations from whence you head (west) on foot towards the sea a few hundred meters distant. At Seacliff you will find an excellent watering hole in the form of the Seacliff Beach Hotel and at Brighton there is the Esplanade Hotel, both good for lunch or dinner. Brighton's Jetty Road is always a hive of activity with early morning breakfasters through until the late evening diners. Dispersed among the eateries are interesting craft, boutiques and book shops. The Brighton Jetty is always a fascinating spot to sniff the cool sea breeze and watch the locals trying to catch a fish or squid.

It takes only about half an hour's walk, or paddle, to go from Seacliff to Brighton, or viceversa, along the sandy beach. Beach debris is always fascinating and so too are the antics of peoples' dogs that frolic in the waves, chase sticks and sea gulls and dig holes in the loose sand.

We Adelaideans are very lucky to have such wonderful clean, safe beaches right at our doorstep. It sure is a nice place to return to after travelling the world.
(Foto is of Brighton Jetty)
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